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We offer the following services to assist with managing risk on rehab projects:

1.“Baseline Inspection & Scope of Work Verification” – When beginning a rehab project, it is essential to have evidence of the existing condition of the site prior to the contractor starting work so everyone has a means of measuring what needs to be done, what has been done and what is left to do as the project progresses. Our baseline inspection does just that. Our inspectors will visit the site and prepare a complete photographic survey of the interior and exterior of any new, or to be rehabilitated, residential or commercial project. Additionally, we will take a brief look at the scope of work and the budget to make sure the scope includes all the necessary work, and that all of the work is reflected in the budget as well.

2.“Proposed Budget Review” – Some projects require a more in-depth review of both the proposed work and the construction budget to ensure all necessary items of work have been addressed in the scope of work and proposed budget. We provide a cursory “can they do it for that amount” assessment of the budget and scope to make sure the budget is appropriate for the type of work needed in the market where the project is located.

3.“Construction Cost Review” – We strongly suggest a cost review be performed when a comprehensive verification of the proposed costs of new construction or reconstruction of a project is needed to ensure the costs will cover the necessary construction. In this case, we perform take-offs from the plans, verify bids and talk with subs and suppliers to create current market cost estimates for the project.

4.“Progress Inspections” – Our network of nationwide inspectors are available to perform progress/draw inspections, noting progress during the construction, throughout the course of your project. Frequency of the inspections are based on an agreed upon schedule or when a request is received. Funding recommendations are then forwarded to the developer/lender or escrow agent for funding.

5.“Lien Waiver/Invoice Processing” – When a project begins, we catalog all preliminary notices and create a spreadsheet to track conditional and unconditional lien waivers throughout the project’s progress. With each draw request, we compile and update all invoices to create the new draw spreadsheet, as well as update all current lien waivers. A report is then generated reflecting all of these updates and sent to the lender/developer. If an escrow company is being used, an Escrow Instruction form will be sent to the lender with our suggested disbursements, for their approval and update, to then be forwarded for funding.

6.“Escrowed Fund Control Services” – CIS has partnered with fund control and escrow companies for fund disbursement. After assessing your specific needs, we will connect you with the necessary servicer.



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We offer a full range of risk management and construction inspection services Nationwide.

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