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The CIS Process for Private Lenders

  • 1. Private Lender contacts CIS inquiring about services.
  • 2. CIS describes services and forwards marketing package to Private Lender.
  • 3. Private Lender determines the scope of risk management services they want provided for their specific sites from the CIS’ services menu.
  • 4. CIS requests pertinent entity information for the Private Lender.
  • 5. Private Lender furnishes contact information for borrower and all necessary documentation for project to CIS for project set-up. (Scope, budget, if available – plans, appraisal, etc.)
  • 6. CIS forwards the Professional Services Agreement to Private Lender for signature and return.
  • 7. CIS creates and forwards a Project Work Authorization detailing agreed upon scope of services to Private Lender for signature and return.
  • 8. CIS issues PayPal invoice to Private Lender for fees for specific risk management services chosen to have CIS perform./li>
  • 9. Private Lender forwards PayPal invoice to borrower for payment to CIS.
  • 10. Borrower makes payment to CIS via PayPal.
  • 11. CIS receives verification of payment and then schedules specific services inspection to occur with inspector.
  • 12. Inspection is performed. Comments and photos are sent to CIS for review and report compilation.
  • 13. CIS sends report to Private Lender for disbursement of funds.
  • 14. Repeat steps 8 through 13 as future progress payment requests are submitted by contractor/borrower to Private Lender. Forward request spreadsheet to CIS for scheduling.
  • 15. For new projects, repeat steps 3 through 13.
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