Client Services

We serve a wide range of clients from large lending institutions in multiple states, to an individual financing the building of their own dream home. Our mission is to restore simplicity and accessibility to the building process, and make building fun and creative for everyone. CIS Inspects is on your side.


Commercial Lending Services

CIS Inspects delivers a professional, quality inspection each and every time.
CIS Inspects has standardized the overall inspection process for Commercial Lending, as well as, Pension Funds and REIT clients by using state-of-the-art technology, a qualified inspector network, industry trained in-house staff and standardized reporting process. We are dedicated to customer service and uncompromising standards. With our average inspection report turnaround time goal of 48-72 hours, CIS Inspects helps to insure that you are kept up to date on progress, the construction project is within budget constraints and is progressing in a timely manner.


"Thanks again for your usual great job! As always, I appreciate the good work you do for us on this project... Thank you!"

Jeff D. - VP Real Estate Risk Officer, California


Private Lending Services

CIS Inspects works to ensure your project is successful from beginning to end.
Private money has long provided construction financing and continues to do so. Private Lending Services and Private Equity Funds are understandably cautious with new construction loans and need uncompromising representation to insure their investments are protected. At CIS Inspects we understand the risks of private lending and strive to alleviate the stress and mitigate risk throughout the construction process.

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"The inspection report you provided is just what we are looking for. We will have more projects coming your way soon! Thanks!"

Lisa J. - Construction Finance, Texas


Owner/Builder Services

Let CIS Inspects alleviate your stress with quality construction inspections.
Building a business or your dream home, though exciting, presents many challenges. Although you may be familiar with the traditional mortgage process, a construction mortgage includes additional elements of risk. As your unbiased third-party, we are here to work with you through any issues that may arise during the life of your project.

Are you working with a financial institution?
As the experts in construction lending, CIS Inspects is able to manage the most difficult projects while meeting your lender’s and contractor's needs. CIS Inspects understands the importance of quickly processing draw requests and maintaining a high level service standard.


Working without a financial institution?
Many times an owner will build their dream home without the use of financial institution funds. This presents unique challenges as the owner must manage the additional responsibility of ensuring all subcontractors and suppliers are paid in a timely manner and that your project schedule isn’t compromised. CIS Inspects is here to manage your project.


"Thank you for your persistence in seeing that my home was completed in a timely manner and on budget. Your team is truly amazing!"

Ellen I. - Owner, Michigan


Residential Assisted Living Homes

Protect your R.A.L investment!
CIS Inspects provides a full range of construction and financial risk management services for residential assisted living projects nationwide. Utilizing our third-party services for your project cost analysis and project progress inspections will provide you and your team with peace of mind that your project is progressing smoothly. Let us begin our risk management services from the early stages with an initial baseline inspection  through assisting you with vetting potential contractors to perform the work needed. Our involvement and guidance will allow the needed objectivity that projects such as this truly need to succeed.


"Wow, this is awesome! You guys aren’t messing around! Thank you so much for the quick turnaround! Much appreciated!"

Lisa Y. - SVP Commercial Loan Administrator, California



Are you looking for a construction lender in your area or managing a private project that requires additional assessment? We can help!

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