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We provide a professional approach to the loan draw inspection process with the highest standard of excellence and comprehensive service available.

We have an array of experienced inspectors, including ex-contractors, certified building inspectors and certified construction inspectors. With many years of experience and a full understanding of the industry, we provide very comprehensive and detailed reports as each project's construction progresses.

Construction Inspection Specialists offers a full range of inspection and due diligence services to residential and commercial lenders nationwide. With a team of trained professional inspectors, our experienced staff is prepared to provide you with everything from commercial and residential loan draw inspections, construction cost analysis reports, and owner representation services to annual commercial portfolio inspections.

Our company is geared to perform inspections with speed and efficiency utilizing the latest in handheld field technologies. Let us help you to protect your clients and your company’s bottom line. Honesty and Integrity are what you receive from CIS. Celebrating nearly 20 years, we are one of the leading premier inspection services nationwide. We are extremely committed to our customers and accept nothing less than delivering top quality commercial and residential inspections.

Construction Inspection Specialists LogoClients find our inspections are fast, friendly and follow industry-established guidelines with a level of service that demonstrates how strongly we value our business relationships. We will document the work that is in progress and compare it to the contractor's statement in a way that assures you that the appropriate payment for materials and labor completed to date will be funded.

Most importantly, we are all fully committed to meeting your needs in a way that assures you peace of mind knowing that you have engaged the best possible inspection service to facilitate your inspection and due diligence needs.


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We offer a full range of risk management and construction inspection services Nationwide.

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