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The CIS Process

We provide a professional approach to the loan draw inspection process with the highest standard of excellence and comprehensive service available.

We have an array of experienced inspectors, including ex-contractors, certified building inspectors and certified construction inspectors. With many years of experience and a full understanding of the industry, we provide very comprehensive and detailed reports as each project's construction progresses.

Privacy Policy - CISAt CIS INSPECTS, we are committed to providing our lenders and their clients with superior customer service.

We are also committed to properly using and safeguarding the privacy of all personally identifiable information that is collected from our lenders and their clients.

All payment information is fully and strictly protected and will never be made public or sold to a third party company or individual.
We will never ask you for personal information of sensitive nature. Any data we request from you is either essential to process your project or set-up your account.

The company and its directors consider ethical business practices to be the foundation of socially desirable performance. Whenever an action or decision is made, we make sure it is legal, ethical, and in the best interest of our clients and their privacy.

Thank you for trusting CIS INSPECTS with your construction risk management needs.

We wish you a fantastic and productive year!


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We offer a full range of risk management and construction inspection services Nationwide.

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