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Making sure your dream home is being built as specified requires vigilance. All too often owners find themselves overwhelmed by the construction process. Contractors can deviate from the original construction plans-a two car garage instead of a three car garage; an incomplete bonus room or basement; changes to siding, roofing and interior finishes. By the time you find out, your funds have been disbursed. Even worse, the value of the completed building may be appraised at a value lower than what you expected.

CIS Inspects Owner Representation Services give you the kind of oversight capability you've been waiting for. Throughout construction, our team of professionals will personally visit the property to check the builder's progress against the original planning documents. There shouldn't be any surprises when it comes to new construction. With CIS Inspects representation, you'll know that the project you planned-and paid for-is the home you get.

Our services include:

Vetting & Coordination of Design Team

It is paramount that everyone on the team is on the same page and working towards the same goal. CIS Inspects acts as your liaison with every member on your project, including external and internal resources and will ensure a clear transfer of information between everyone.

Construction Budget & Plan Review

At CIS Inspects we believe strongly that all construction projects should have a budget and plan review before a loan is approved. We offer a comprehensive project review of your project to determine that the budget accurately reflects the scope of work necessary to complete the project as designed.

Contractor Vetting

CIS Inspects provides peace of mind that the contractors hired to complete your project are qualified and properly licensed and bonded. We understand that the seamless transition of contractors and budget are key to project completion within tight timeframe constraints.

Building Permit / Zoning Assistance

Every construction job requires permits. Our skilled team at CIS Inspects understands the permit process and is available to provide permit review and assistance in the acquisition of the proper permits.

Negotiate with Trade Contractors and Suppliers

The construction process is filled with many nuances and it is difficult as an owner to be assured you are getting the best deal. We work on your behalf with contractors and suppliers to negotiate the best rates for materials and bids.

Assist with Quality Control

CIS Inspects offers you peace of mind that your dream home is completed to your standards. Quality control is one of the most important components of a successful construction project. It is vital that every aspect of the construction is completed within industry-standard norms and highest quality of workmanship.


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