Franchisor / Franchisee Representation

CIS Inspects provides representation to Franchisors for tenant improvement or Franchisee build-out. By monitoring the level of completion by the Franchisee the Franchisor is assured of an on time completion. We provide customizable solutions that fit the needs of your project and can help you from start to finish. From assessing the opportunities and constraints of your site, to developing a plan, assembling the best team at the best prices, and managing your project to completion CIS Inspects is here to help.


Contract Document Review

Our team at CIS Inspects has your best interest from the beginning of the construction build-out to the end. We offer a comprehensive project review of your project to determine that the budget accurately reflects the scope of work necessary to complete the project as designed.


Permit Assistance and Review

Every construction job requires permits. Our skilled team at CIS Inspects understands the permit process and is available to provide permit review and assistance in the acquisition of the proper permits.


Contractor Vetting

CIS Inspects provides peace of mind that the contractors hired to complete the construction build-out are qualified and properly licensed and bonded. We understand that the seamless transition of contractors and budget are key to project completion within tight timeframe constraints. Any delay can set back the project by days or possibly even months.


Tenant Improvement Progress Reports

Our Tenant Improvement Inspection report covers the status of the construction schedule, quality of materials and workmanship, code adherence, compliance, percentage of completion, assessment of project funds available to complete improvements.


Franchisee Representation

Not sure where to start or who to hire? CIS Inspects is available for Franchisee Representation. We offer comprehensive owner representation from contractor vetting, documentation review, progress inspections to seamless communication throughout the build-out.


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We offer a full range of risk management and construction inspection services Nationwide.

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