Construction Cost Analysis

Through our extensive construction management experience and industry knowledge, CIS Inspects helps effectively manage every hurdle in today’s competitive construction lending environment. Whether your project is still in the initial stages or has been stalled for any reason, CIS Inspects can help you get it back on track with our Construction Cost Analysis. We provide customizable solutions that fit the needs of your project and can help you from start to finish.

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Construction Cost Analysis

Start every project knowing it's feasible and fundable with a Construction Cost Analysis from CIS Inspects. We offer a comprehensive financial review of your project to determine if the budget accurately reflects the scope of work necessary to complete the project as designed. Our estimators have direct access to local, regional and national construction costs and processes. The information is then analyzed to determine if the budget is adequate to construct the project as designed. If the funding is found to be inadequate, we provide the estimated cost to correct the found deficiencies. This level of knowledge and understanding guarantees that we can provide our clients with a Construction Cost Analysis that reflect today's residential and commercial construction costs.


Percentage of Completion Analysis

At CIS Inspects we offer a comprehensive project review of partially constructed projects to identify the percentage of completion. The inspection is then supplemented by reviewing available project plans and specifications, as well as discussions with municipal building officials. Together the information gained from these resources is used to develop an accurate Percentage of Completion Analysis. Let CIS Inspects ease your mind and set you in the right direction with our Percentage of Completion Analysis.


Cost to Complete Analysis

Our Cost to Complete Analysis takes it one step further by identifying the budget needed to complete a project that has become interrupted midstream either by contractor non-performance or financial setbacks. A thorough site inspection is done to ascertain the extent of construction completed and then a budget is determined to complete the project.


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